Working in the snow storm

On Tuesday, we had a small snow storm coming up. The scheduled flight on Wednesday were therefore cancelled, and I had the runway to myself, woho! So I took a lot of measurements around some mysterious holes which had appeared in the middle of the stripe the day before. I was very satisfied with the amount of tests I had done, and was just about to wrap it up before the storm would kick in.


Then my boss came to see me and asked if I could just do a few more tests… At first I thought that he was kidding, but then I realised that he meant it! I don’t think I hid my frustration very well, because after some minutes the rest of the TAF-team came to help me.

So, in wind of 20 m/s and snow drift, I was tying to organize five eager field assistants in the work I had been doing on my own. In spite of a rather chaotic situation, we manged to do all the measurements I needed and fill the holes with water. And in no time!

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