Troll Airfield

This weekend, there were a lot of activity on the airport. There are only two airports in Dronning Maud Land who can recieve intercontinental flights, and that is Troll Airfield and the Russian one. These flights require more personell at the airport, for instance a fire engine, a doctor and properly preparation of the runway. When these flights are comming in, almost half of the people at the station are engaged.


The red car to the left is called the “control tower”, and that’s where the communication with the pilots happens. It took some time before I realized that it was the car they were talking about.


When the plane is landing or taking off, the fire engine is located on the half mark of the runway. But while the aircraft is on the ground, the fire men also do the tanking. That’s why their on the move.


The activity on Troll Airfield is increasing, both with aircrafts landing only to tank and planes from other stations using Troll as their gateway to Cape Town. This Sunday for instance, 13 Brits came with a Twin Otter at 16.30 and left at 18.00 with a Falcon 7 to Cape Town. NPI want to increase the co-operation with the Germans and the Brits, and in general the activity at the airfield.

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