Topp ti!

Today I was lucky to be invited to a new trip with Jim. Of coarse, he new that I was keen on going on the two remaining trips on the “Topp ti”-list, so it was a bit like “he was kind to take me there”. Today Sveinung and Karin also joined. We started out with blue sky, and ended up with cloudy weather.


This picture is from the top of Jutulsessen. From the left we have Jim, Sveinung is the happy guy in the middle and to the right is Karin. Karin and I are the only two females at the station for the moment. There has been a few others before, but they were more or less bureaucrates and stayed only for a few days. Karin has been here since November!

After that we went to my favorite mountain in the area called Stabeisen. The height is 1176 m above sea, but it is only the upper 30 meter which is visible over the glacier.


For some reason, this one is not included in the “topp ti”-list…

The last hike were Sesseggen, a rather short one. But there were a nice view over to Jutulhugget. This moutain is unofficially called “Buddamagen”. Do you see why?


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