A small weekend

Now I’ve been here for one and a half week, and have one more left. Some days have been great, while others have been long. Sometimes there has been trouble with the equipment, and other times I have been missing everybody back home. Like climbing at “Bunkeren”, eating avocado-lunch with the other students (on my age) or simply watching TV with my room mates. On those days I have to remind myself where I am, and to enjoy this stay to the maximum.

Yesterday I felt tired, and not very inspired. So when Jim asked me if I would like to join him for a trip before lunch the next day, I decided that maybe it was time for a whole day off.

What a trip! Jim has been here since November, and has been hiking in the mountains in the area the many times. You can see him in the picture to the left, always 20 meters in front. He kept a good pace in the steep hills, and I had to work hard to keep up with him. Because of the extremely nice weather, the small trip we had planned ended up with a long hike. There are ten peaks in the area which are included in a “Top ten”- list, all with books at the top which you can write your name in. And if you reach all ten, you get a cute badge. We managed three of them today!


I didn’t really plan on taking all ten. But since I had five from before, the badge is suddenly within reach! But the two remaining trips are bit more demanding. You are not allowed to go alone, so I must hope for good weather and someone with a spare day off.

This is how I spent the rest of my day:


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