This is no holiday

I wanted to make a post about the everyday life at Troll. But I realise that no days are similar down here. I guess this post will be more what I would do if everything goes according to the plan.

The alarm goes of at 06.20 every morning, and breakfast is served until 7.00. In the beginning I was surprised by all the fresh fruit they served, they even had mango! But now I realise that it’s just a few days after a flight from Cape Town has arrived.

After breakfast there is a short morning meeting were the tasks for the day are distributed. Then it’s time to get dressed! I spend maybe half’n hour in my room, deciding how many layers of wool I need. In the beginning I put on way too much. When there is no wind and I am in activity, it feels quite warm actually. And of course, I must remember the sun screen. Factor 50 every day.

Then it’s off. The others at the stations are much faster than me, but luckely I have my own scooter. Sometimes I drive off to the airfield at once, and other times I am at the station for a while. Often looking for equipment or in need for help from someone with something.

Lunch is served at 12.00-12.30. And it’s always a hot meal, in combination with bread. For instance soup, pasta or leftovers from a dinner. This one time we had egg, bacon and tomato beans, my dads favourite.


Then it’s out again, continuing the work. Mostly, I’m at the runway doing strength measurements. But since this is an actual airport, every now and then I am interrupted by an aircraft landing or taking off. But that’s normally a nice break-off. The other day I had a long chat with some Germans landing just to tank. They were on their way to the Russian station, from where they would fly back to Cape Town.

At 19.00, it’s time for dinner. And that’s always a good meal. Meat, potatoes and sauce are keywords. But then it’s many hours since the last meal. The kitchen sometimes makes a sweet snack meal, but since we are at the airport we normally miss that meal. So to prevent from “starving” at 17.00, I have started to bring with me some bread out to the airfield. There is a heated container (called “Roald”) where we try to have common breaks in between the meals, with coffee and some snack.


As you might understand from this post, the food is very important here. When your out and in activity a whole day it’s very important to eat well. And the chefs are doing a great job! I don’t miss my student dinners…

The NPI people are working 12 hours every day, and they only have 1 day off each second week. So this is no holiday place. However, this doesn’t count for me. As mentioned in an earlier post, I am not employed, and therefore it is not expected that I work for all 12 hours. So today for instance, there where a lot of activity on the airfield, and no room for a student making holes in the ice. Therefore I went for a hike instead.


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