Another indoor-day

It is still stormy weather outside, so there is no point in going out to the airport. I enjoyed the lazy day yesterday, but one should not go to long in a place like this without anything to do. Therefore I volunteered at the kitchen, making bread and wheat rolls for the lunch.


The guy in the background is Kent Eivind, and he is one of the three chefs here at the station. He is also one of the six people who will stay at Troll during the winter. These six people will be totally isolated from March until November. They all have different roles, and will hopefully run the station without any supply. There are a chef, a doctor, a mechanic, an electrician, a research technician and a management technician. And they all have big beards.

2 thoughts on “Another indoor-day

    1. Det er flere kvinner her, men det er ingen på min alder. Men det går fint, alle er hyggelige. Har med steikketøy ja, men det blir liksom ikke tatt i bruk. Har sett litt serier. Prøver å skrive litt hver dag, så du får vente i spenning, farmor 🙂

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