Storm coming up!

Finally, some real weather! Today we woke up to a beautiful sun, but the forecast says that the wind will increase during the day and reach its maximum of 35 m/sec at midnight. So the main activity today is to secure the station by removing all loose items and strapping the containers firmly to the ground.

I could sense the strength of the wind already before lunch. I was dragging a plastic sledge with only some light equipment out to the airport, and suddenly the sledge was flying behind me and the equipment had flown off 100 meters earlier. I drove slowly after that.

Today I finally needed all the clothes I had brought with me. I was wearing one balaclava, two woolen buffs and one wool hat. And then the scooter helmet. But still, the wind found its way into my skin when I was driving the scooter. It is difficult to capture the wind on a photo, but look for the flag in the background or the snow on the ground!

This picture was shot on my first day at the station, but I think it demonstrates the wind forces quite well. The pilot had strapped the plane to the ground by a huge bolt to prevent it from flying away on its own.

So today is an “inside-day”, and that suites me quite well. After two days of 12-hours working outside at the airport, I’m exhausted. I’m so not used to physical working, it’s totally different from a two-hours work-out at a gym. An excuse for lying on the bed is very welcome!


I ate that bag of smash in just one hour.

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